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Gypsy Jack Ferguson

Text Box:                              Gypsy Jack Ferguson Bio
Gypsy Jack Ferguson picked up his nick name from his trucker buddies and thirty-five years of experience driving truck.  During those years behind the wheel, Jack was influenced by Burl Ives, Jerry Clowers, Red Green, Tom Russell, and last but not least, Lonesome George Gobel.
While delivering freight, Jack’s philosophy of “visiting with the folk” became his way of getting to know people on a personal basis.  Lots of visiting helped Jack develop an easy manner with adults, children, and teenagers too.  Occasionally, a story would be involved.
Down the road Jack kept hearing the same question, “Do you know any more stories like that?”, or “If that story was in a book, I’d buy it”, or “Hey, we’re breaking for lunch, will you tell Davey that horse story?”  Finally, Jack got it, and now you can get it too.

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